BBB Bureau Briefs: IRS Collection Scams

BBB Bureau Briefs: IRS Collection Scams
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WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Officials with the Better Business Bureau stopped by our Newschannel 6 studios on Monday for our weekly bureau briefs segment.

The Better Business Bureau serving North Central Texas says they have seen a spike of scams in our area claiming to be the IRS and demanding payment.

Consumers report receiving threatening calls from people posing as collectors on tax debts or in some cases IRS representatives, stating they owe money and will be subject to prosecution if they refuse to pay.

Consumers are receiving multiple calls from different phone numbers. If they don't answer, they receive threatening voicemails demanding a return call. This scam is not new, however, right now taxes are on everyone's mind, and the scammers know it.

BBB offers the following tips to spot this scam:

You are pressured to act immediately.

  • Scammers typically try to push you into action before you have had time to think. The IRS will give you the chance to ask questions or appeal what you owe, and their first contact with you will always be by mail, not phone or email.

Payment must be made by wire transfer, prepaid debit card, or other non-traditional payment methods.

  • These methods are largely untraceable and non-reversible. The IRS will never demand these forms of payment.

The IRS will never call and threaten you. If you owe the IRS money there will be multiple attempts to contact you via the mail, before they resort to other methods. If you feel you have been a target report it to BBB Scam Tracker online at

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