Engines set to roar at Traxxas Monster Truck tour

Engines set to roar at Traxxas Monster Truck tour
Traxxas Monster Truck Tour is in Wichita Falls this Saturday. Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Traxxas Monster Truck Tour will be in Wichita Falls this Saturday and will fill the arena at Kay Yeager Coliseum with sounds of engines roaring.

Announcer Brett Mason said the monster truck tour is a sight to see.

"You will see 10,000-pound trucks with 1,500 horsepower coming out here racing, jumping, smashing cars, and doing different tricks," said Mason.

The tour has gone all over the U.S. leaving behind a lasting impression to anyone that comes out to the show. Jeff Murphy has been driving monster trucks for eight years.

"When you're watching the monster trucks as a kid it just kind of sucks you in," said Murphy.

One of the biggest stunts involving the trucks is the attempt to jump over a line of cars. Mason said, seeing a monster truck tour is like a modern day circus with all of the different tricks they perform.

"It brings out kids of all ages," said Mason. "We have 3 month-old babies to 85-year-old people out here."

"Everything in front of the truck is fair game," said Murphy.  "It sits you back in your seat.  It is an awesome feeling."

Something else you will notice is the size of the truck. Each tire stand close to 5 feet and each way 850 pounds. Putting one on is a two-person job.

Murphy said the thrill of getting behind the wheel, is what keeps him coming back for another drive.

"When you stand this truck straight up and you launch it is like a rocket," said Murphy.  "All you see are the lights and the ceiling. You know you're hanging there for three or four seconds before it comes back down to the ground. It is an awesome feeling."

There are two shows Saturday at 1:30 and 7 p.m. at the Kay Yeager Coliseum. Tickets for the event start at $10 and can be bought here.

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