Motorcycle crash survivor shares his story

Motorcycle crash survivor shares his story
Harvey Wagner, 68, shares his story of survival after a truck crashed into his motorcycle.
© Harvey Wagner, 68, is back on his feet after a motorcycle crash almost took his life.
© Harvey Wagner, 68, is back on his feet after a motorcycle crash almost took his life.

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls man is back at work just days after a crash involving his motorcycle that almost took his life.

Harvey Wagner, 68, was riding eastbound on 14th street when Wichita Falls Police say a silver Ford F-150 driving southbound on Burnett hit the left back end of his 2013 Harley Davidson motorcycle. Wagner said he was on his way to meet his wife for an Easter barbecue at their church.

"I realized she was going to hit me," Wagner said. "I couldn't avoid it. I hit the gas and she got the back end of my motorcycle."

The driver of the truck fled the scene and left Wagner on the streets. Witnesses say the license plate of the truck was embedded into Wagner's motorcycle.

"I woke up laying on the side of the road and some guy was holding the side of my head to keep me from bleeding to death," Wagner said.

Wagner was just a few blocks from his church, Metropolitan Community Church. When his wife of 37 years, Lois, arrived at the scene, she was concerned to see her husband unconscious covered in blood.

"Dear Lord, let my husband be fine and not be paralyzed," Lois said. "I wanted him to come back to me."

It was Wagner's second accident in just four months. He suffered broken ribs, three broken vertebrae and cuts along his head. He said he wasn't wearing a helmet and the pain is a blessing for something that could have ended much worse.

"For a split second, I was maybe afraid that this one was going to get me, you know, but it didn't," Wagner said.

"It just makes you really worried that you're going to lose the love of your life," Lois said.

WFPD say the driver of the truck was a 15-year-old girl who was hours after the accident. She now faces third-degree felony charges for an accident involving personal injury.

Wagner said he cannot wait to hold his great-granddaughter in his arms. He said he just wants everyone to share the road when they see a motorcycle driver.

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