Petrolia CISD defender program involves arming teachers

Petrolia CISD defender program involves arming teachers

PETROLIA, TX(RNN Texoma) - Petrolia ISD is arming some of its teachers in hopes of improving school safety.

In June, district officials began looking at possible defender programs due to the amount of mass shooting across the country.

Today, they are working to implement a policy that including voluntarily arming teachers.

"I love it. I think it's great," said Tice Hague.

Hague and other residents think something needs to change and are excited about the efforts Petrolia CISD is making to in an effort to make sure an attack does not happen at one of their schools.

"Anything you can do to protect the children. They're the people coming up and will make up the next century," Hague said.

There is a three-level approach to this defender program to address security.

Level one includes upgrading building security through things like cameras and self-locking doors.

Level two involves arming teachers with non-lethal deterrents like pepper spray.

Level three will arm teachers and staff with a gun following proper training. This step is completely voluntary.

Some residents are in favor of the first two levels but think arming teachers is a step too far.

"Why arm more people? I mean there aren't too many kids that are going to have a gun," Eddie Boyles said.

Boyles thinks guns in the schools can compromise safety instead of improve it. While each person has their own opinion the district believes these measures can save lives.

Superintendent David Hedges provided us with the following statement about the defender program.

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