HPT: Nonprofit works to make every day a beautiful day

HPT: Nonprofit works to make every day a beautiful day

DUNCAN, OK (RNN Texoma) - One Duncan foundation is spreading a powerful message to thousands of kids across Oklahoma.

"When you were placed into somebody's arms their cup was overrunning, there were tears, their heart was full, and it was a beautiful day, no matter what," said Michele Johnson, co-founder of Beautiful Day Foundation.

A lesson from the Beautiful Day Foundation shared with more than 4,000 kids this school year alone.

Johnson said they have learned not all kids get a chance to celebrate themselves on their special day.

"Maybe they didn't get to do anything, but they're getting this," she said.

A birthday party, for them, by the people who live in their town.

"We come into the cafeteria and decorate a table just like a birthday party," said Johnson. "Table clothes, balloons, a special meal, everybody gets a bracelet and a custom-made birthday card."

Beautiful Day Foundation started in August 2013 in just one Duncan school. Now it is in Velma, Marlow, plus many more and still growing.

Johnson said they will be in 12 elementary schools next year. The goal is to let all kids know they are loved and important.

"We started it because in Stephen's County the summer of 2012 we had several crimes," she said.

Johnson said many of those crimes were committed by young people.

"We wondered if we could have made a difference had we ran into these kids ten minutes before they committed these crimes, and we just feel like the answer is probably no because their trajectory was already going in the wrong direction," she said.

But then they thought, what about ten years before?

"What if we could get in front of these kids and invite these community members and come into the schools and celebrate these kids," she said.

Telise Ensey has been with the nonprofit from the start.

"I feel like all of these kids belong to all of us, and if we start loving them all like that it will really make a difference," said Ensey.

A difference they cannot make alone. Around 1,000 volunteers have joined forces with Beautiful Day. From business owners, moms and even older students.

Ensey said it is about the kids knowing someone else cares about them.

"That they're here, someone else sees them," said Ensey.

She said it is not just about opening your eyes, but your heart.

"I'm doing what I've been called to do, to love my neighbors to make the place I live better," she said.

Beautiful Day Foundation hopes to be in all 77 counties in Oklahoma at some point.

They even have a second program Kindred Community. It is a monthly dinner for widows that gives them the chance to come together and build relationships with each other.

Click here to learn how you can volunteer or help the non-profit continue its mission.

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