HPT: Foreman Prairie House keeps history alive

HPT: Foreman Prairie House keeps history alive

DUNCAN, OK (RNN Texoma) - Built in 1918, the Foreman Prairie House, known as 'The Crown Jewel of Duncan' is said to be one of the best brick prairie-style homes in Oklahoma.

Anita Gail Loafman, the Foreman Prairie House's founder, said it is an exact style of the prairie-style design that Frank Lloyd Wright had.

To this day Frank Lloyd Wright remains one of America's most celebrated architects.

His structures, like the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, draw visitors from across the country. This home does the same.

Loafman said the house is three bricks thick and was built of nothing but the finest materials by W.T. Foreman.

Foreman was a banker and pharmacist and one of the town's earliest and notable residents.

"I became a real respecter of this man for what all he could do," said Loafman. "I know he helped establish the city bank here."

She recalls stepping foot inside the home more than 17 years ago.

"It was a cool damp ugly October morning, and I came in the lowest level and up the steps," she said.

When she walked into the dining room all she could see were cobwebs, lumber on the floor and little critters who found shelter in the empty house.

"It was just abandoned, and nobody did anything with it for years," said Loafman.

Back in the day, it was one of the best on the block. Loafman said when she check the census most of the houses in the neighborhood were $300 to $800.

The Foreman's house sat at $8,000. A high price-tag for that time. She said knowing what it was worth and what it meant to the town, she felt it in her heart to restore and preserve the home. Not for her, but for her neighbors.

"Perhaps we can save some of our history," she said.

She said she bid just $10,000 to get the house and was the only one to go after it. Now the home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

While they have added some things here and there, many of the fixtures and woodwork are true to the original building. They are still working to keep history alive and make this house a place all of Duncan can call home.

The Foreman Prairie House is holding a two Person Scramble at Twin Oaks Golf Course Saturday to raise money for its foundation. People will also be able to tour the home the same day for Founders Day.

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