Texoma teens provide Harvey relief

Hurricane Harvey Help

BOWIE,TX(RNN Texoma) - Almost one year after Hurricane Harvey struck parts of south Texas, memories of what used to be litter the landscape.

More than 20 Texoma teens paid a visit to one of the areas still rebuilding to lend a helping hand.

Paul Coronado is the Student Pastor at Stoneburg Baptist Church in Bowie.  When he turned on the news 10 months ago and saw the devastation left behind, he couldn't believe it.

"I thought, man, those poor folks," said Coronado.  "What they were going through at that time had to have been devastating for them.  It was just surreal for them to live that thing it was crazy."

Coronado knew he wanted to help so he, along with 22 teens and their parents, set out to Victoria.

When the group got there, they could not believe what they were seeing.

"We saw tarps on roofs everywhere on almost every roof," said Molly Provost.  "There were blue tarps on businesses, churches, and everything."

"It was just heartbreaking to see what people have to go through," said James Provost.

"They just needed help so that is what we came here to do," said Kani Grace.

The teenagers at Stoneburg Baptist worked 12 hours a day rebuilding parts of Victoria.

"We ripped shingles off the roof and re-shingled it," said Ally West.

"The challenge was waking up at six in the morning to do that," said Grace.  "Once I got up there, it was just natural."

The long days had a lot of heads turning toward this group of teens.

Many people were surprised that a group so young would spend a week of their summer on a roof.

"It does not really matter what age you are," said Travis Terry.  "You should not have to wait to get older to be able to do things.  You can go ahead and go for it now.  Don't be afraid."

"I believe that we were called to be the feet and hands of Jesus Christ, and we've got to help out," said Ben Hellman.

The teens would go on to help repair ten roofs in one week.

Even now that they are home, they said what they saw and the lessons they learned will stick with them.

"I took away to treat others how you would like to be treated," Abby Provost.  "That could have been you down there, but we came and helped them out."

"To be able to go down to an area like Victoria and see how it felt to serve, it just put a smile on my heart," said Coronado.

When asked if the teens if wanted to go back to work on more houses, the answer was a unanimous yes.

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