Iowa Park non-profit helps fight hunger

Hawks for Hunger

IOWA PARK, TX(RNN Texoma) - Summer means no school, and while many kids are celebrating that and enjoying their time off it is not as fun when you have to figure out when your next meal will be.

One group in Iowa Park wants to take away that fear by providing sack lunches for any kid that needs one.

"There are so many children that you wouldn't even believe are hungry," said Hillary Scott, a volunteer for "Hawks Fighting Hunger."

Scott is a teacher at Iowa Park and has seen first hand how many children go hungry when there is no school, which is why she volunteers.

"I have two kids and I would love if someone would help them feed them if they couldn't," said Scott.  "Since we can, we love to help others."

"Anytime schools are not in, we are here to help," said Garrett Bodkin.

Bodkin is one of the volunteers helping run the non-profit.

The idea came after seeing other towns doing the same thing and organizers wanted to give it a try.

"This is really the first year," said Bodkin.  "Hopefully this thing grows and we can get the word out to people."

On Monday, the group, most of them kids filled 60 bags for children in need.

With a large number of volunteers, the lunches were made, packed, and loaded into cars to be delivered in less than an hour.

"The kids get two meals per week that they would not otherwise," said Bodkin.  "That is the goal."

Each bag has a personalized message meant to bring a smile to the face of the person who gets it.

Members of "Hawks Fighting Hunger" are not surprised by the growth and want to see it continue.

"It took a couple people to just ask a couple people and then it just spread like wildfire," said Scott.

"It is kind of what we do in small towns," said Bodkin.  "It is why we live here."

If you would like to become apart of the program or make a food or monetary donation, you can do that by sending an email to

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