Doug Elder reflects on coaching career at MSU

Doug Elder retires from MSU men's soccer

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Doug Elder is retiring from coaching at Midwestern State University after leading the Men's soccer program for the past 18 years. He says after 33 years
of coaching it was just time.

"It was a really tough day yesterday receiving all these emails and calls from past and present players, from alumni and
faculty and people I've worked with," explained former MSU head coach Doug Elder. "And it's going to be a difficult next couple of days. But I just felt like it was time and I will move on from there."

Coach Elder will leave as the  the program's all-time leader with 274 wins. Also leading the Mustangs to 13 postseason appearances while claiming 11 conference titles. But if you see the reaction on social media its not about the wins at all.

"It means a ton for these kids to move on and have successful careers and give me just a little bit of credit," said Elder. "Because I think
at the end of the day right now unless they read Trey's article they probably are not going to know how many wins I had.
It's what he's done for me as a person and what we have shared growing as a man and as a soccer player. So yeah it means a
lot more than the wins and losses, because these guys that are emailing me, texting me, facebooking me, and tweeting. Which
I don't have. They are not telling me thanks for the wins. Not one of them said thanks for all those wins coach. they said
thank you for pushing me thank you for the discipline you instilled in me. Thank you for coaching me and turning me into a
better player and a better man and that means everything to me."

Not only did Coach Elder coach at MSU but he also played for the Indians back in the early 80's. That gives Coach Elder a unique
position in the coaching ranks at MSU. But his love for his players is what he wants people to remember about his career.

"I want my biggest legacy here is I hope that they realize I was here for the kids," said Elder. "I was here for the university I was here
for an ex player someone who loves Midwestern, someone who loves this community, obviously someone who loves winning. And
the wins are important but they are not going to remember me for that. They are going to remember me hopefully for someone
who always came to work year in and year out. Believed in what he was doing, believed in the kids, believed in the school,
believed in the fan support and always played to win. And hopefully giving my best so that the players would give their
best that's hopefully what I leave."

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