Southside Youth Senter hosts a volleyball tournament

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WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The SouthSide Youth Senter is hosting its annual high school division volleyball tournament. New South Side Youth Senter
Sports Director Keith Williams believes its important to give the kids in Wichita Falls a option to keep active when they
aren't in school.

Keith Williams - Sports Director
"It's priceless, we all know that when kids don't have anything productive to do trouble will find them," said Youth Senter Sports Director Keith Williams. "So we are just glad that we have a program that.... like I said we have fifty teams this year which is more than we've had ever before. So
that means a lot of kids are staying out of trouble, coming to practice, and playing volleyball which we like to see them
New this year to the volleyball tournament will be a all-star game to help highlight some of the great young players
playing this year.

"Being the new Sports Director here I thought I would bring more of a sports feel to what we have all ready going on," said Williams."Being an all-star lets face it that's motivation to work hard each and every year. To try to compete, to try to be better
than the next person. The thought behind it is just that to keep the girls motivated to keep the guys that we have also
motivated to do better each and every year and to just add new life to the program."

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