Franklin Elementary "Keep Cool' Summer Reading Club

Franklin Elementary "Keep Cool" Summer Reading Club

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Franklin Elementary "Keep Cool" Summer Reading Club was started this summer by the school's Librarian Mrs. Pierce. She
wanted to give students access to the library during the summer months. In just the first year of the Summer reading program
 it has been a huge success.

Annette Pierce - Librarian
"It's been wonderful, we've had many students that have come every single week," Annette Pierce the school's librarian said. "We have had some that have only come one week, but looking forward to having them come again tonight. It's been a good way to connect with families we have had some
of our new kindergarteners show up so we have gotten to meet some of our new students as well."

The students get to come to the library weekly and check out books to read. They also get to listen to someone like Mrs.
Pierce read a story and there are snacks and even prizes that the kids can win.

"They seem to be really excited each time that they have come," said Pierce. "Last week we did have a service dog come in, and so it was
really awesome to hear the questions from the children as well as the parents and the staff. And so interacting with the
students has been really beneficial."

The teachers plan to bring back the Summer reading program next year and even try to expand it and make it even better.

"One thing that we have looked at is possibility having a night per month where families can come in and check out books with
their children," Pierce said. "Because I think that we found that its also beneficial that the parents are there to see what books are
available and to assist them in finding books that they want to read at home."