HPT: New technology leads to better water techniques in Wilbarger County

HPT: New technology leads to better water techniques in Wilbarger County

WILBARGER COUNTY, TX (RNN Texoma) - Patches of water are found underground in Wilbarger County.

The water is part of the Seymour Aquifer. 90 percent% of the groundwater pumped is used for irrigation. Andy Brumley is the president of Waggoner & Son Electric who helps makes it possible.

"We take care of most of the farmers around here. Irrigation farmers especially and we pride our self in doing them a good job and raising the best crops we can," Brumley said.

Brumley said technology is changing the game. Pivot irrigation systems can be controlled from a phone or a laptop as far away as Europe.

"That enhances how many acres a person can farm and how many times they have to show up to check it," Brumley said.

Fields in northern Wilbarger County are watered with low discharge nozzles.

"All the water goes to the ground, to the crop that you are applying it to," Brumley said. "It's very important that we don't water everybody else's fields with water that should be applied to this crop. All that information is available, but people need to take advantage of it."

Brumley recently started selling new bubblers to go on the pivot system.

"It would help anybody that puts the bubble or drag hose, anything that keeps water out of the air for conservation reasons," Brumley said.

A bubbler deposits the water straight to the ground instead of spraying it. According to the Senninger website at least 20 percent more water reaches the soil.

"We never know from season to season how long we're going to be able to water and right now we are real short," Brumley said.

The Seymour Aquifer is shallow and can easily run dry.

"We don't make anymore aquifers so we have to make good use and we try to do that to establish water for the future," Brumley said.

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