Hoverboard catches fire in Burkburnett home

Hoverboard catches fire in Burkburnett home

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Burkburnett family has not been able to stay in their home after a hoverboard caught fire. The toy was not plugged in and the family claims it had not been used for three weeks.

Nickie Riley said that last Thursday night her son came to her saying he smelled smoke.

After calling the Burkburnett Fire Department, their thermal detectors showed the heat was coming from the roof. But, after busting into the roof they did not find any signs of a fire.

Firefighters told the family to get in contact with an electrician.

Riley said, "He advised me to clean out the closets so that he could get in there to see what was going on."

When she went in her sons closet she found his hoverboard, still in its bag and still smoking.

"I couldn't get it to come up and so I pulled a little harder and that's when I noticed that it was melted to the wall," she said, "They say the only reason that it kept from not catching everything on fire is because the carpet we had was fire retardant."

Hoverboards have a reputation of exploding. There are reports from a couple of years ago when thousands were recalled.

But even then, most were being used or charging when they caught fire. The one in the Rileys' home was not charging and had not been ridden for weeks.

She bought the XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard a little over a year ago on Amazon. She remembers the instructions saying the hoverboard could possibly explode while being charged. So, the reason behind why the battery in her son's seems to have malfunctioned is not known.

The Riley family is just relieved they found the hoverboard before it was too late.

She said, "If it happened during the night I wouldn't have a son so that's scary – or a daughter maybe because it was in her room too...We have animals we had to get those out. It's very scary situation."

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