Children's makerspace coming to Wichita Falls

Children's makerspace coming to Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A new center in downtown Wichita Falls will let kid's imaginations run wild while they learn.

Crashworks STEAM Studio and Makerspace keeps kids learning with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Two years ago, Ty and Shauna LaRocque had a dream of making a place where their kids could create.

"We wanted to have a place in Wichita Falls where kids could come and use their imagination to create and have fun," said Shauna.  "I have long since talked about how there is not a children's museum here and I just decided to do something about it."

That is when the idea for Crashworks was born. The studio allows kids to build, mix, or paint anything their hearts desire. They will do this with the help of STEAM.

"We really wanted to give them something that brought in all of those components," said Shauna.  "Maybe you're not an artist but you really like Science.  We want to show them that all of those things are intertwined."

The studio is different than any other place in Wichita Falls and that is because kids can come here to create something with their hands and learn at the same time.

"You might take apart an old electronic but your child will see the circuit board and your kid might want to use it and build a robot," said Ty LaRocque.  "He can take that and it is not a working robot, but it is a piece of art that looks like a robot.  Just seeing the thoughts and the way your kids think about things is eye opening and makes you enjoy life."

The makerspace will focus on using things you would normally throw away and create something new.

"You can hand a kid a kit and it is easy to build," said Shauna. "There are instructions there is a layout for how to do it.  You can give a kid a box full of random supplies and you just don't know what you're going to get."

Another addition that makes this place different is kids can get messy outside of the kitchen.

"If your kid has a science project they are working on or some sort of any sort of project, you can bring them in here and we have all the supplies for you at our science lab," said Shauna. "We will have some certified teachers to help them work on those and the kids make the mess here and you take it home with you."

The LaRocques want Crashworks to be a place where kids can use their imagination to think critically, and also it will provide a place for families to do something together.

"I hope that this is a fantastic place to where you can come in and do something with your child," said Ty.

"You know it's not just a come in and play," said Shauna.  "You are doing that but just that educational aspect of it and really working on that problem solving and critical thinking skills."

Crashwork STEAM Studio and Makerspace will open and will be fully functioning for the kids October 26.

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