Olney Cubs football starts 2018 with a bang

Jody Guy talks about Olney's first win
Olney Cubs practicing for the 2018 season. / Source: KAUZ
Olney Cubs practicing for the 2018 season. / Source: KAUZ

"We were excited you know it's one of those things you get that first win, explained Olney Head Coach Jody Guy. "We have talked about it for a long time about being able to get that first win. And kind of get this thing rolling, kind of get it going in the direction we want to

Coach Jody Guy is in his first season as head coach of the Olney Cubs. It didn't take long for him to get his first win the
Cubs beat Roby 28-6 in week one. Coach Guy says getting off to a good start is important because it helps the players buy in to what
the coaches are telling them.

"I think they are starting to believe, Guy said. "Hey if we do do this stuff we are going to win games we are going to be able to be

This win is not just big for the football team but also the whole city of Olney. They have supported this team through
thick and thin and this season has been no different.

"This is a great community it's a community that wants success, Guy said. "They want their kids to compete and get after it and work
hard. They have a very strong work ethic in this community. And so we try to push that onto our kids. But the support here
has been phenomenal. We had a great crowd the other night and I think that support will continue as well."

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