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  Raccoon 'burglarizes' vending machine at Florida high school

The raccoon got stuck inside the vending in its search for potato chips and fruit snacks.

  DPS trace identity of body found under Highway 287

  Trucker drives 9 million miles safely

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  SAFB to address rising number of suicides

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  Body found along Hwy 287

  Body found under bridge on Hwy 287

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  Search warrant leads to drug, theft arrest

  Texas high school teacher sells water on the street as summer job

A teacher in Texas is using his summer break to work a temporary side job, selling water at a busy intersection.

  Dayton shooting survivor says US can’t wait on gun reform

"I don't think we can wait. I think it needs to happen now," Dayton shooting survivor Christina Huelsman said.

  Study says social media use may hurt teens' mental health

The study suggests social media use may harm the mental health of teenagers by increasing their exposure to bullying.

  poverty summit in wichita falls

  Lake Wichita Grants announced

  Rep. Bennie Thompson says racism from high places empowers people

"The racist, xenophobic language we hear coming from high places empower people to do crazy things," Rep. Bennie Thompson said.

  Only one smoke detector found at day care where 5 children died

Family reacts to losing four children in Pa. day care fire