Colder air returns to Texoma with a chance of rain Monday night

Snow is possible Tuesday morning over Southern counties

  Chilly north wind brings that December feeling back

  Much Cooler For Friday

  Tracking a cold front late today

  Today will feel fantastic

  Warm for Thursday

  Highs in the 60s Wednesday, despite clouds increasing

Continued Coverage

  Slight Rain Chances Returns to the Forecast

  Tuesday will be sunny, warmer than Monday

  A Nice Week for a Change

  Sunny, quiet start to the week

  Tomorrow we will see strong winds again

  High winds will be here tomorrow

  Chance of showers, stray thunderstorm through Friday evening

Sunshine, strong winds return Saturday

  Tracking showers this Thanksgiving morning

Tracking showers this morning


Rain tonight and Thursday

  Rain moves in Wednesday afternoon, evening

Good rain chances remain into Thanksgiving

  Windy Evening

  Very strong winds bring high wildfire danger Tuesday

  Windy Tuesday

  Strong winds increase wildfire danger across Texoma Tuesday

  Tracking a wet holiday

  Warmer weather is coming for a few days

  A warmer weekend is ahead of us after a cold Friday

Warmer weekend weather

  Cloudy, chilly Friday followed by improving weekend weather

Sunshine returns for the weekend

  Overnight Rain Chances

Cloudy and cool tonight with a good chance for rain

  A few storms are on the radar

A few showers are on the radar

  Tracking showers for today

The future tracker is still showing widespread showers and a few rumbles of thunder today

  Rain Chances Last into Early Friday

Mostly cloudy with a few showers overnight

  Rain Moves in Wednesday Afternoon, Evening

Heavy rain expected later today, tonight

  Rain and Storm Chances

A good chance for rain and storms Wednesday afternoon

  Tuesday will be the final sunny day of the work week

Chilly weather moves in by Friday

  Rain Chances Return Toward Mid-Week

A good looking shot of rain heads our way later this week

  Nice weather to start the week, rain eventually returns

Temperatures fall by week's end

  Tracking a minor cold front Sunday morning

Cooler temperatures are slowly coming back

  We have a few weather disturbances coming into play next week.

Rain chances are back in the forecast

  Nice forecast for your outdoor weekend plans

Rain chances have been removed from the weekend forecast

  Milder Looking Weather Pattern

Clear and cold tonight with a low near 30

  Despite cold front, Thursday delivers sunshine and mild temperatures

Temperatures warming into the weekend

  Wednesday will be cloudier, windier and warmer

Temperatures gradually warm toward the weekend

  More Cold Overnight Weather

Clear skies with lows in the 20s

  Tuesday will be cold despite sunshine, light winds

Temperatures gradually warm this week

  Record Smashing Night

Bitterly cold temperatures are expected into Tuesday

  Powerful cold front brings strong wind, bitter cold

Drizzle is likely through midday

  We could see some mixed precipitation across parts of Texoma tomorrow

Tomorrow will be cold

  Monday and Tuesday look cold

Cold temperatures are on the way

  Enjoy the Weekend

Lots of sunshine this weekend with warming weather.

  Sunshine returns by Friday afternoon, warm weekend ahead

Great weekend for outdoor plans

  Cold into Friday

Cloudy skies tonight with chilly weather. Skies break up tonight

  A brutal wind keeps us cold all day Thursday

Cloud, drizzle linger most of the day

  Heavy Rain into Thursday

Heavy rain and storms tonight. Cold for Thursday

  Wednesday will be mild with a few thunderstorms

Strong cold front moves in Thursday morning

  Lots of Rain Headed Our Way

a big front brings rain and cold weather

  Good rain chances move in Wednesday

Rain helps fight drought in the region

  Big Rain Chances by Midweek

A cold front brings rain for the middle of the week

  Multiple cold fronts come through over next 7 days

Rain moves in by Wednesday, Thursday

  We have a few warm days ahead of us

Rain is back in the forecast

  Nice Looking Weekend

Sunny skies with nice mid-fall weather

  Cold front brings cooler Saturday

Temperatures warm through early next week

  A chilly Halloween is upon us

Warmer temperatures are on the way

  Thursday morning was the coldest morning in 8 months

This weekend will be sunny and mild

  Wednesday’s weather will be a replay of Tuesday’s

Rain ends by midday Wednesday, clouds move out tonight

  Freezing Temperatures on Halloween

Cold and blustery with another front on the way

  Cold, wet weather sticks around through Wednesday

Rain is gone in time for Halloween

  Cold and Wet

Cloudy and cool with areas of rain through Wednesday

  Cold, rainy weather soon returns to Texoma

Rain chances ramp up Tuesday into Wednesday

  Tracking another cold front

Tracking a pair of fronts

  Tracking more cooler weather after the weekend

More cooler temperatures next week.

  After a cold and rainy Friday, sunshine returns Saturday

Wind chills will be in the 30s all day Friday

  Nasty into Friday Night

Rain and cold temperatures linger into Friday

  Wet and Raw for Thursday

A big front brings big changes to the area Thursday

  From warm & sunny Wednesday to rainy & cold Thursday

Nice weather returns for the weekend

  Big Changes on the Way

A big cold front delivers chilly weather for the end of this week.

  After a warm Wednesday, get ready for a cold rain Thursday

Both Wednesday and Thursday will be windy

  Mid Week Cold Front

Warm through Wednesday then a lot cooler

  Tracking yet another cold front this week

Tracking another cold front this week.

  Tracking storms across Texoma along a cold front

Tracking storms across the area.

  Tomorrow’s rain chances look slim

Rain chances are slim for most tomorrow

  Small Chances for Rain

A few cool fronts bring small rain chances.

  Stray thunderstorms could impact high school football games

Our weather remains warm even with a few cold fronts

  Tracking a Few Fronts

We're tracking two fronts impacting our weather this weekend