Tracking storms tonight

Tracking storms tonight

  Hot into the Weekend

  Temperatures and winds increase for the weekend

  Getting Hotter into the Weekend

  Temperatures climb toward the weekend

  Overnight Rain Chances

  Hit and miss thunderstorms in the forecast through Wednesday, less intense heat

Continued Coverage

  A Little Relief

  After a very hot Monday, we’ll get a break from triple digits

  Continuing to track a cold front

  Blistering temperatures

  A Hot Weekend

  Best rain chances remain north of Texoma

  A Very Hot Forecast

A hot and dry forecast

  This weekend will be the hottest of the year so far

We could see stray storms from time to time, especially over Oklahoma

  Some showers and storms are to our west

Tracking some showers and storms that may creep into Texoma

  High pressure strengthens over Texas delivering even hotter weather

Rain chances aren't zero. We could see stray storms over Oklahoma

  Hottest Weather this Year

  Triple digit heat likely through the coming weekend

  It’s a Very Hot Week Ahead

  Time is running out on below normal temperatures

  A Hot Week Ahead

  Rain chances continue for tomorrow

  Slight Weekend Rain Chances

A weak front brings slight rain chances this weekend

  Rain chances for late this evening continue

Tracking showers and storms for late this evening into Saturday

  One more day of heat before a nice cool off

Tracking rain this weekend

  Heat Relief by the Weekend

A cold front brings some heat relief this weekend

  Triple digit heat today

Another hot day is in order for us

  Very Hot into Friday

Sunny and hot with temperatures near 100 through Friday

  Temperature relief is on the way

Hotter temps for a few days

  Triple digit heat for the next three days

Tracking some hot days ahead of us

  Hot and Mainly Dry

It's a hot and dry forecast but maybe some slight hopes of rain by Friday

  It’s going to be a hot & humid day in Texoma

Warmer temps over the next few days

  Heating Up

It's mainly a sunny and hot forecast

  Showers & Storms possible today

Tracking showers and storms today

  Heating Up this Week

The forecast looks hot but there's a slim chance of getting a little wet Monday

  Triple digit heat is on the way

Triple digit heat is on the way

  Heating Up

Temperatures are starting to go up

  Temps are trending warmer this weekend

Temperatures will be above average for the next few weeks

  We tied the record low for this morning

We tied the record low for today this morning.

  Hotter for the Weekend

Records lows are possible again tonight before hotter weather moves in for the weekend

  Temperatures will start warming up after today

Warming trend begins this weekend

  We are starting the warming trend today

Warmer temperatures are on the way

  Near Record Lows

Pleasant weather continues

  A nice cool July day is ahead of us

Another cool day is ahead of us

  Near Record Lows

It remains a very nice forecast with near-record lows

  A nice spring like day for today

It feels more like spring than summer

  Great for July

Great looking weather for July

  Rain chances are gone for the next seven days

Tracking unseasonable temperatures for this time of the year

  Cooler days are ahead of us

Tracking some cooler days

  Rain chances return to the forecast

Tracking a cold front

  Cooler temperatures are on the way

A nice much needed cold front is on the way.

  A cold front is on track to arrive in Texoma Monday

Highs in the 80s not out of the question

  Tracking some cooler weather next week

Tracking some rain chances for early next week

  Forecast offers cooler temperatures, chance of rain beyond the weekend

Pattern change might allow for cold front to find Texas

  Hot into the Weekend

Expect a hot, dry weekend with some changes by next week.

  Hard to escape the summer heat now through the weekend

Next week's forecast offers a chance of rain

  Heat Sticks Around

A hot bubble of air produces more heat over us

  Tuesday will be the hottest day of the year, so far

Stray storm can't be ruled out east

  A Hot Looking Week

A bubble of hot air will develop this week

  Consecutive triple digit days likely

Our weather will grow windier as well

  Hot Week Ahead

A bubble of hot air develops this week

  Enjoy this Nice July Weather

A mixture of sun and clouds with highs in the lower 90s

  Nice Weather for July

A nice weekend for the middle of July

  About as nice as Texoma weather can be in July

100-degree heat returns next week

  Comfortable Mid-July Weather

Lowering humidity makes for a pleasant Friday

Hit and miss thunderstorms possible Thursday afternoon, evening

Temperatures remain below normal into the weekend

  Heat Relief on the Way

A cool front will bring a little relief from the heat and humidity

  This combination of heat and humidity should be taken seriously

Cold front drops temperatures, humidity slightly

  Plenty Heat and Humidity

It's a hot forecast before a front brings a few changes

  Oppressive combination of heat & humidity today, Wednesday

Stray showers are possible in north Texas through early afternoon

  The Heat is On

Rain chances look small as temperatures take a big jump

  Hottest week of the year so far, thunderstorm chances linger

Isolated strong storms possible Monday evening

  Storms developing

Tracking storms across Texoma

  Scattered showers and storms remain in the forecast

Rain chances continue for the beginning of the work week

  We have warmer temperatures for the week ahead

Tracking some showers around midnight tonight but some scattered storms tomorrow

  Slight rain chances remain as temperatures climb next few days

Could see 100 degrees after the weekend

  A very warm 4th of July today

After a nice 4th of July things will start to heat up across Texoma.

  South winds deliver hot afternoon temperatures into the weekend

Stray storm chances remain in the forecast

  Your 4th of July looks to be good but warm

Tracking some very scattered showers for tomorrow

  The summer’s heat a guarantee with a stray thunderstorm possible

Rain chances remain slight through Thursday evening