Weekend Forecast

Sunny with highs close to 100

  This weekend looks hot

  A few showers are possible Thursday

  August Temperatures Retrun

  After Wednesday temperatures look very warm

  Overnight Rain Chances

  Nice for Now

  Rain remains in the forecast

Continued Coverage

  Great Looking Weekend Forecast

  This weekend looks really nice

  Strong to severe storms are possible later today

  Thunderstorms Thursday Evening

  Morning showers and storms are possible Wednesday

  More Rain on the Way

  Strong showers and storms are possible Tuesday

A few showers and storms are out there

  Rain Chances into Tuesday

Storms winding down

  Rain Chances are Going Up

Scattered thunderstorms tonight and off and on this week

  A cold front is coming

A few showers and storms will develop later today

  Rain Chances are Set to Return

  Hot and Humid Here as Hanna Heads Toward South Texas

  Isolated showers and storms are possible again Friday

  Hot and Humid

  Isolated storm chances exist for Thursday

  Hit and Miss Storm Chances into Thursday

  We have more storm chances for Wednesday

More storm chances exist today

  Rain chances continue Tuesday

Rain chances continue Tuesday

  Small Rain Chances

A mixture of sun and clouds with small rain chances

  Muggy conditions return

Tracking rain chances

  Not Quite as Hot Next Week

Sunny skies both Saturday and Sunday

  This weekend’s weather looks great

Tracking slightly cooler weather

  More Hot Weather

Mostly sunny and hot into the weekend

  Slightly warmer conditions expected Thursday

We are going to be seeing slightly warmer conditions.

  Small Rain Chances with More Heat

A few clouds later tonight with small shower chances

  Isolated showers are possible for Wednesday

Isolated showers are possible today

  Not Quite as Hot

A very small chance for showers with more hot weather

  Fire weather is a possibility for Tuesday

Hot, dry conditions are back in Texoma

  More July Heat

Mostly sunny and hot this week

  Monday looks very hot

Temperatures look to stay hot this week

  Hit and Miss Storm Chances Overnight

A few showers or storms will be possible tonight

  Saturday was the last of three First Alert Weather Days

More heat is on the way

  Very Hot Saturday

Sunny and very hot Saturday

  A few showers and storms look to cool your Friday off

More heat is on the way

  More Heat and Humidity

Sunny skies with highs near 100 Friday and 105 by Saturday

  Thursday starts off our First Alert Weather Days

First Alert Weather Days for the next few days

  First Alert Weather Days for HEAT

High heat and humidity create dangerous conditions

  Wednesday is looking warm but not as hot as this weekend

Triple digit heat is on the way

  Hot July Weather is Almost Here

Mostly sunny and hot for the rest of this week

  Isolated showers and storm are possible Tuesday

More showers and storms are possible today

  One More Day or Hit and Miss

Hit and miss storms for Tuesday before we dry things out and heat up

  Storms are possible throughout the day Monday

Storms are possible for Monday & Tuesday

  Hit and Miss Storms

Scattered hit and miss storms into the early parts of this week.

  Hit and Miss Storms for the Fourth

Hazy sunshine with a few hit and miss storms this weekend

  Here is your 4th of July forecast

4th of July forecast

  Hot and Humid into the Fourth of July

Hot and humid with a stay storm possible into the weekend

  Thursday looks hot but not as hot as Wednesday

It looks hot again

  More Heat and Humidity

Hit and miss storms around for Thursday

  Hot weather is another problem for Wednesday

It is going to be another hot day in Texoma

  Hot and Humid with Slight Rain Chances

There's a slight chance for an isolated storm or two this evening. Otherwise, it looks hot and humid

  Real Feel temperatures will be through the roof for your Tuesday

It is going to be hot today

  Typical Texas Summer Heat

Sunshine with hot temperatures this week and any rain chances will be small

  Monday is going to be Hot

Slim rain chances exist today

  Weekend Rain Chances

Hazy sunshine this weekend with slight rain chances by Sunday

  Saharan dust arrives late Friday

The Saharan dust will be here soon

  Dust is Almost Here

Look for an added haze to our skies this weekend

  Saharan dust comes into Texoma Friday

Saharan dust comes into Texoma Friday

  Seasonably Warm Weather

Sunshine with highs in the lower 90s.

  Wednesday is going to feel great

We will dry out over the next couple of days

  Rain Chances are Going Away

Clear skies tonight with lower humidity headed in

  Storms are on the radar

More showers are on the radar

  Overnight Storms

Thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusty winds increase later tonight

  Monday overnight into Tuesday we have a First Alert Weather Day

Storms are possible late tonight

  Severe storms are possible Sunday Morning

Storm chances develop past midnight

  Overnight Storms

Thunderstorms likely with heavy rainfall

  Severe storms are possible late Friday

Storms are possible for Friday

  Rain Chances Start Friday

Shower chances pop up Friday with better chances by Friday night

  Storms look to develop on Friday

Storms look to develop on Friday

  Rain Chances Return

Increasing rain chances toward Friday

  Isolated sprinkles are possible Wednesday morning

Some sprinkles are possible this morning

  Better Looking Rain Chances Coming Up

Mostly clear tonight with lows near 70. Sunshine for Wednesday with highs near 94

  Isolated summertime showers are possible Tuesday

Isolated showers are possible today

  Rain Chances Perhaps by the Weekend

Mostly clear tonight with lows in the upper 60s. Sunny and hot for Tuesday

  Rain could show up by the end of our seven day forecast

Rain chances could be back by the end of the week