Tracking severe weather for Monday

  Stormy Saturday Morning

  Strong storms arrive late Friday night

  Storms are in the forecast

  Storms will impact activities in Texas Saturday

  Severe Weather Chances Coming Up

Continued Coverage

Severe storms become the focus of the forecast Friday, Saturday

  Active Weather Days Ahead

South winds and sunshine bring warmest weather in weeks

  Warming Up

Temperatures might climb to the hot category in a few days

Mother’s Day is the first in a stretch of nice days weather wise

  Rain Chances

Rain and rumbles of thunder

Rain is a bigger part of Friday, Saturday forecast

Highs will be in the 60s Friday and Saturday

  Unusually Cool for May

Mostly cloudy and cool for May with some rain chances

Cold front delivers a windy Thursday, chilly night

Temperatures will drop to the 40s Friday morning

  A Strong May Cold Front

Rain not out of the question Wednesday evening as cold front approaches

  Overnight Severe Storms

FIRST ALERT: Powerful thunderstorms move in late tonight

  Severe Weather Chances Returning

The risk of severe storms makes Tuesday & Wednesday First Alert Days

Tracking yet another round of storms

More storm chances this week

  Rain and Storms Winding Down

Rain and storms come to an end

Continuing to track the approaching cold front

More rain chances

Storm chances once again today

More storms this afternoon and evening

  Friday Storm Chances

Rain and storm chances return Friday afternoon and evening

Tracking showers and storms this morning

Showers and storms this morning

  Storms Tapering Off

Overnight storms are moving out

First Alert Weather Day intact for this afternoon and evening

First alert weather day for today

  More Storms for Wednesday

More strong storms for Wednesday

Tracking the possibility of more storms today

Storm chances for the afternoon

  Shower and Thunderstorm Chances

A few showers or storms will be possible into Thursday

Tracking storms this evening

Tracking scatter showers and storms today

Storms starting to developing to the southwest

Storms and showers for some this evening

  Weekend Rain Chances

A few sprinkles will be possible in the morning with an isolated storm tomorrow afternoon or night.

The weekend forecast includes a chance of thunderstorms

Temperatures remain warm next few days

  Active Weather into Next Week

Several fronts are on the way with some possible storm chances

Sunshine returns Thursday, along with warmer temperatures

Stray thunderstorms possible this weekend

  Clouds Moving Out

Rain chances moving out along with more sun and warmer weather

Rain starting to slide from the forecast

Sunshine returns to finish the week

  Tracking Rain Chances

A slow-moving storm system brings continued rain chances into Wednesday

Good rain chances remain through tonight

Rain chances fall to the slight category by Thurrsday

  Rain Chances Going Up

Rain and storm chances on the increase

Multiple rain chances this week

Heavy rain brings minimal flooding threat

Storm chances increase for tomorrow

Storm chances increase for tomorrow

A great Easter Sunday and some rain chances this week

Rain chances and a nice forecast for this week

Breezy Warm Easter Weekend

Warm and windy Easter weekend forecast

Beautiful weather to finish the week

Easter looks warm and windy

Nice Looking Easter Weekend

A few brief showers followed by some nice weekend weather

Rain remains part of Thursday’s forecast

Thursday will be windy and cooler

Turning Cooler

Rain and storms are moving out and cooler air is moving in

FIRST ALERT: Severe storms expected across eastern counties

Threat for large hail Bowie, Decatur areas

First Alert Weather Day

A few strong storms will be possible Wednesday across the eastern half of the area.

Tracking the threat of severe storms Wednesday

Severe storms return to Texas and Oklahoma tomorrow

Warm and Windy Weather

Warm and windy weather with a slight chance for a few storms Wednesday

Warm, windy start to the week

Thunderstorms return to the southern plains Wednesday

Warmer temperatures are on the way

We are tracking another another cold front however this one is not as strong as the last

Heavy rain will continue tonight

More rain is on the way

Latest update on the storm system

The rain has started, it looks like it will last after this first round of showers

We go from April weather Friday to February weather Saturday

Tough combination of rain, wind and cold Saturday

Continuing to track the rain for this weekend

Tracking warmer temps and rain chances in the forecast

Cold front brings the cooler side of April

Rain looks promising Saturday

Temperatures Cooling Off

Summer-like heat comes to an end with a big cool front

After 90s today, downright chilly by weekend

Saturday comes with good rain chances

Windy and Hot

Windy and hot gives way to cool and wet

A taste of summer heat today, Wednesday

Highs in the 90s Wednesday

Roller Coaster Ride

Warm through Wednesday before we drop by Thursday. Most of the week looks dry

Summer heat creeps into the forecast

Highs near 90 by Wednesday

We’re tracking a strong cold front this week after we see very warm temperatures

Tracking a strong cold front on Thursday

Tracking Storms Saturday Morning

Rain chances return with some strong storms by morning

Nice weather until storms move in tonight

Strong storms possible tonight, Saturday morning

Active Weather into the Weekend

Rain chances with warm weather into the weekend

Sunny, pleasant Thursday. Rain chances ramp up toward weekend

Saturday morning looks stormy

Few Overnight Storms Possible

Overnight rain chances

Isolated Severe Storm Threat

A few isolated storms will be possible this evening, mainly north of the Red River. Thursday looks nice!

Windy, cloudy Wednesday; Severe Storms possible tonight

Severe storms possible over Oklahoma

Wednesday Thunderstorms

A storm system brings storm chances Wednesday evening

South breeze, sunshine deliver warm Tuesday

Winds become strong Wednesday, few storms possible

Warming Up

Warming weather and some storm chances