Montague Grand Jury Takes No Action in Officer Involved Shooting

Wichita Falls, Texas. -

On Monday, April 13, 2015, the Montague County Grand Jury chose to take no action in the officer involved shooting death of a Montague County Deputy.

According to the Texas Rangers report, the wife of Montague County Deputy Larry Hostetter called the Nocona Police Department to report a domestic dispute around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at the home she shared with her husband. The call was not made to 911, therefore, it was not recorded. The call initially related that Deputy Hostetter was suicidal, but then changed to reporting a fear that he might hurt someone.

Nocona police officer Robert Gillock responded, and reported the couple was still arguing when he entered the house. Officer Gillock reported that Hostetter grabbed Gillock's radio transmitter and cell phone from his hands. Gillock was able to calm the situation, allowing the deputy's wife and daughter to exit the home, while Gillock remained inside with deputy Hostetter.

While they were talking inside, two deputies entered the house. At that time, Hostetter reached into his pocket to get a handgun. When he did, Gillock pulled out his weapon and fired three shots at Hostetter. One shot struck Hostetter in the arm, and traveled through his chest. The other bullets struck his stomach and hip.

Gillock, also a certified EMT, obtained his medical bag and attempted to administer aid to Hostetter until the ambulance arrived. Hostetter was pronounced dead at Nocona hospital.

Officer Gillock is still on administrative leave and has not yet returned to duty.